Supplemental content

Here’s some supplemental content that you’ll find useful.

  • Game-related Resources
  • There are a lot of resources that will benefit you in a class like this. Here is a nice, long list (currently under creation; continued throughout class). Be absolutely sure of the licenses for the assets and resources listed below! General lists Kavex’s giant list of resources and game sounds As mentioned, “Please remember to always look at the license before using something in your project.” leereilly’s giant list of games on GitHub

  • General Resources
  • Research UA Library’s Education research guide List of resources specific to education research. Finding a Topic and Beginning Research A guide from Dr. Dianne P. O’Leary at the University of Maryland. Quite good. How To Do Graduate-Level Research: Some Advice Specifically, see chapter 3, “The Craft of Research—Basic Skills.” Good for undergraduates to sink their teeth in, too. Discovering Statistics Yes, it’s focus is statistics but it’s an incredibly useful resource.