Grading Declaration

“So what is this thing you keep banging on about, this Grading Declaration?” I hear you ask. Well, the hint is in the name, really: the grading declaration is a requirement in each assignment that you declare you should get a particular grade on that assignment.

More than that, it’s an affirmation that you’ve:

  1. understood the material,
  2. carefully read the assignment,
  3. have put your best effort into completing it,
  4. and are happy enough with your work that you’re assuring me you deserve “full credit.”


This is easier if you can actually get a feeling for the workflow.


Here’s an example for Challenge A. You’ll start off with some targets in your assignment like this:

Category Goal
Format Easy to read, well organized, clear, with very few, if any, spelling or grammar errors.
Theme/Goal Both theme and goal are present and interesting, even intriguing.
Mechanics Narrative clearly and in detail describes the mechanics used in the game. Examples are given. Shows iterative process.
Conflict The nature of player conflict is presented clearly and is in concert with both the type of game chosen and mechanics described.
Playtest Narrative describes playtesting that includes three or more playtest cycles and descriptions of what changed and how between each cycle.
Deliverable Delivered example of gameplay is well designed and complete enough to get through one ‘round’ successfully. Clearly refined, even if lo-fi.

Declaration Quiz

And when you go to submit the assignment, you’ll first look for the Grading Declaration quiz. In this case, Grading Declaration: Challenge A. For each of the targets above, you’ll see a corresponding short answer quiz item. Simply explain how you feel you accomplished that target for that category. Easy as that!

Once you’ve submitted your declaration quiz you should see the associated assignment submission folder open up. Submit your assignment as usual and, hey presto, time to move on to the next one.

I reserve the right to overrule if I feel the declaration is not in good faith! Example: you declare playtesting was done but the submission does not demonstrate any, I will reverse that point.