Phase 2

Now is when you bring together everything we’ve talked about, everything you’ve read, and all the skills you’ve developed through the challenges to design an entire game.


For your final project, you will create a game as a solo designer. The second portion of that project is to create a full collection of assets that accompany the game design document. This is not a small task! You aren’t expected to be a professional artist or graphic designer but the quality of the assets you create should make you proud. Not only that, but the way your document is put together visually is also incredibly important.

I will evaluate your assets and make suggestions and comments.

The tools you use to create these assets are up to you. Know Illustrator? Great. Want to draw them on paper? Fantastic. Found an app to help you create them? Perfect. Just make sure your work is original and you reference any inspiration or tools you use in your design.

Don’t make this harder on yourself than it needs to be. Obviously you don’t want to be submitting stick figures and stock photos but you don’t want to get into the weeds here, either. Determine a theme–a style, basically–and stick to it. Look at some of the games we’ve explored and your classmates have referenced throughout the semester. Notice how very often there are variations on a theme. Use this to your advantage.

That said, I’m not going to stop you from creating as much original, polished material as you want. Just think like a designer and have priorities (without compromising your standards).

Submission and Assessment

You may know of or remember gateway requirements and grading declarations in my previous classes. I am now combining these to streamline the process. Make sure to check out the grading declaration page for more information on the process.

The PDF you submit should have regular margins, be double spaced, use a standard 12pt font (no Comic Sans, please), and be free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. It should have a filename like: 405-YourLastName-Assets.pdf.

  1. Complete the Assets grading declaration quiz. This will open the Assets assignment submission folder.
  2. Submit a well-organized PDF following APA 6th (or 7th if you’re feeling feisty) edition formatting (skip the title page and abstract) of all the required items above in the Assets submission folder by 11:59pm system time on the D2L due date.
  3. Optional but highly encouraged: share what you’ve created in the #infv405-final channel in Slack and check out what your classmates have also shared.