Challenge E

The challenges in Challenges for Game Designers change throughout the book. Each set of targets is slightly different to match the chapter’s challenge details. Be 100% sure to look at what is required of you in the targets below to inform your submitted materials.


For this challenge your reigns have been removed and you are free to choose any Iron challenge from the text (excluding challenges we’ve previously done). You are highly encouraged to use this challenge in such a way that it moves you closer to your final game demo goal!


  1. Choose any Iron challenge in the text that we haven’t done. If you choose one from a chapter we haven’t covered be sure to read that chapter!
  2. Do the challenge in its entirety. It must be an “Iron Challenge!"
  3. Submit a well-organized PDF following APA 6th edition formatting (skip the title page and abstract) of all the required items above in the Challenge D assignment folder in D2L. This PDF should include:
    1. What challenge did you choose? Include chapter, challenge number, and a brief description.
    2. Why did you choose that challenge?
    3. What were your expectations prior to completing the challenge? Did your finished results match those expectations?
    4. How do you feel about the deliverable you created? If you were to iterate it and develop it further, what would you like to change?


As there is no way to create a rubric that’s universal enough to cover every challenge in the text, this more general list of targets will be used.

Category Goal
Format Easy to read, well organized, clear, with very few, if any, spelling or grammar errors.
Theme/Goal Both theme and goal are present and interesting, even intriguing.
Mechanics Narrative clearly and in detail describes the mechanics used in the game. Examples are given. Shows iterative process.
Challenge-specific goal Specifics from chosen challenge are addressed thoroughly and completely.
Playtest Narrative describes playtesting that includes three or more playtest cycles and descriptions of what changed and how between each cycle.
Deliverable Delivered example of gameplay is well designed and complete enough to get through one ‘round’ successfully. Clearly refined, even if lo-fi.

Submission and Assessment

You may know of or remember gateway requirements and grading declarations in my previous classes. I am now combining these to streamline the process. Make sure to check out the grading declaration page for more information on the process.

  1. Complete the Challenge E grading declaration quiz. This will open the Challenge E assignment submission folder.
  2. Submit a well-organized PDF following APA 6th (or 7th if you’re feeling feisty) edition formatting (skip the title page and abstract) of all the required items above in the Challenge E submission folder by 11:59pm system time on the D2L due date.
  3. Optional but highly encouraged: share what you’ve created in the #infv405-module3 channel in Slack and check out what your classmates have also shared.